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Default Re: Beware of Bogus Vets

Originally Posted by t.ruth View Post
Have we ever stopped to consider that there are bogus vets who practised at veterinary clinics too? There is a clinic in Kuchai Lama area where the vet apparently allows his assistant, who obviously is not a vet, to do examinations and give injections. What about the one in Nilai where neutering is done by secondary students?

According to a couple of vets that I've spoken to, the vets themselves are aware of this rampant problem, like, 'vets' practising at pet shops (actually they are just lay people, not medical ones). They give injections and even sign vaccination cards (with a scribble of course) with no rubber stamp to indicate their designation and qualification. And, this is quite common. How is that so?

I think pet owners can only blame themselves. It's only common sense that only trained medical personnel should vaccinate. Why do owners still go along with this? It's because it's cheaper. Trying to save a buck here, a buck there. Even breeders vaccinate their own animals. It's been suggested to us, when we were operating a petshop cum shelter, to get our own vaccine and do our own vaccination. This came from a food supplier, who is also a breeder. He even offered to give us the contact to get the vaccine. Needless to say, I shot it down.

Then again, the vets themselves are not entirely blameless. Some of them charged so high for everything that people are driven to anything cheaper. Of course, I'm referring to the 'penny wise, pound foolish'.

According to one vet, this bogus vet issue, especially at pet shops, is an age old problem. How come nothing was done? The reply was a shrug of the shoulder.
a big NOD...but when it comes to vaccination, I believe that it is not a really big issue as compared to treating diarrhea or even long fever..since many people here in Malaysia do vaccination on their own be it byb or cb
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