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Default Re: 2 pedigree dogs suffered & died in Wawasan, Puchong

May0305, as I mentioned on your other dog abuse thread, the best thing you or your friend can do for this dog is to raise the issue with SPCA Selangor's Animal Welfare group. They will go to the house and investigate, speaking in a polite and non-threatening way with the homeowner. They will recommend changes in the dog's care and follow up later. If they feel the dog should be removed from the home, they contact DVS Selangor, who have the authority to do that.

Posting stories of abuse and neglect on PetFinder and social media aren't useful if no one is willing to contact the proper authorities who can actually do something to help! It's ideal, of course, if your friend could have a pleasant conversation with the neighbour and discuss better treatment of the dog. If she's afraid to do that, however, please contact SPCA!

Originally Posted by May0305 View Post
The abusers are at it again! My friend refused to give me her address as she is afraid of being dragged into the situation. How to help this poor dog??? Please, someone from Wawasan Puchong, Jalan 2/14, or 2/16, or there about....i am not sure. Please help that poor doggie! My friend keeps telling me how pitiful the dog is, yet refused to help, albeit, secretly......she wanted to show me pictures of the poor dog, but I didn't want to see. Breaks my heart and gives me nightmares.......

Why do people buy dogs only to abuse them till death? These are mentally sick people!

I am sad that there are so many animals here on Pet Finder, looking for adopters. Many will be taken, only to die in the hands of such evil people!
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