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Default Stray Dog Rescue


I live on Orna Golf Resort Melaka and there is a stray dog ( I estimate he is under 1 year old) that roams between our road and the Country Villas construction site.

The dog is a male small to medium size with a really beautiful white coat or would be when it is washed.

He is very timid and shy but is beginning to come a bit closer when we feed him.

We give him rice and canned dog food twice a day at approximately 8am and again at 7pm.

Looking at him I believe he would make a really good pet for the right family.

I really feel for him but unfortunately we are not in a position to take him because we already have 4 dogs (2 rescues).

Do you know of anyone that could come and catch him and would take care of him and ensure he has a good home.

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