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Default Re: Appeal for rescuers to rescue Stray Cats in Cyberia Smarthomes vicinity, Cyberjaya

Hi, Jasmon --

Quite possibly the best thing you can do immediately is to begin a TNR (trap, neuter, release) project. This will at least slow the rate of reproduction. When the cats are in your care, pre- and post-neutering, you'll have a chance to assess whether or not they are adoptable. Some cats have been living feral all their lives and are, quite simply, never going to adapt to living in a home. The best thing you can do for these cats, in my opinion (and I'm sure Kah Yein at MyAnimalcare has already advised the same thing) is neuter, vaccinate, de-worm and release. If you can find homes for the more friendly cats, that's a bonus!

Best wishes...

Originally Posted by jasmon View Post
Hi all.
I have seen a lot of stray cats in Cyberia vicinity---i would say at least 30.
Now the most urgent issue is there are three herds of newly-born kittens straying around the condo blocks in Cyberia. I've personally seen their numbers reduced already-- very likely due to unable to survive. So, i worry for the survival of other survived kittens and i wish willing rescuers can come and rescue them. Then, after rescueing the new-borns, we can rescue the one-eye blinded ones---i've seen at least two such cats---probably inflicted onto them due to fighting.
After these, then we can go for all other stray cats within Cyberia Smarthomes vicinity, their number is really worrisome and they are reproducing very fast.

You can read a similar post related to this issue, i've posted at Myanimalcare Blog-- for details and their pictures.

Willing rescuers can contact me through "". I will personally show you where the strays usually hide or hang out at.
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