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Default Re: Mites Infection is not just mere annoyance - it is life-threatening potential

hi lynie

yes, same mites. my vet informed that even if my cats are kept indoors all the time, the mites can "come" into our house. same with fleas and ticks. but i'm not sure what sort of infection that fleas and ticks can transmit, i know heard of lyme disease from deer tick.

hence it's important to check their ears regularly to ensure there's no irregular dishcarge or ear wax accumulating in their ears.

i have already bought a bottle of ear drop solution from the vet and will regularly administer a dose for each of my cat at about once every two weeks or so for preventive measures after checking with the vet that's it's okay to do so.

now i learned first hand the implication of mite infestation and i'm going to give it priority.

hope others out there who had similar experiences will share here also - we need to learn more about this..

but i forgot to ask what was the name of that bacteria otehrwise i can look up the 'net and find more info on it
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