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Default Re: Someone please adopt Mrs Fluffy (the Syrian Hamster)- FREE

Originally Posted by patchibunny View Post
hi shizuka,

ive adopted mrs fluffy 2 days before she gave birth to 6 babies.
I know they're going to breed, that's explain why i want to give her away for adoption because i no longer want her to breed...

went to a pet shop recently, and have found a cage which got a divider. now ive separated mrs fluffy and mr fluffy...

and soon,
im going to giving away the babies...
hi patchibunny,
i'm hafiz. u want to adopt mrs flufy is it?still avlble?how bout the child?when u goin to adopt them..i'll searchin 4 syrian... can u email me @ as i can more detail about them..thx
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