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Default Re: Needin Fosterer for 1 week

=) thks Yen for ur support.. well...the pregnant dog gave birth 3 days after we failed to catch her as she would run upon seeing the leash/chain and especially with teh vet around..and the aunty who feeds her refuses to help let her into her compound so we can corner her.. as she was against our plans..

well.. we found a fosterer at 1st.. but after delivering the pups at this aunty's front gate.. she took pity( and anyway.. since it was her idea to let them live by making such big fuss of our plans so she has to help them or else she would be known as heartless and a big talker..) and decided to let all of them in and foster them till they are 2 months old so we can get a home for them.. so lucky the aunty is kind enuf to help them. 1 mother and 5 puppies

the pups are now almost 2 months and on the 1st day itself, she has asked all her frens to book the pups and take them later.. one good deed done at least!

so it has to come to such a point like this whereby thru insistence and education, ppl will only understand the situation and how hard it would be to help these homeless strays.. =) lucky mother dog!! haha.. we'l get the mother rehomed after spaying her.. maybe at a farm or factory since she's afraid of ppl and enjoys chasing pedestrians and ppl on bike and bicycle..
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