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Default Jaundice on Dogs & Cats

i just came to realised that our beloved dogs & cats can also develop Jaundice.. (there is a medical term to describe Jaundice on animal..but I cannot remember). It happens to one of my dog started to become inactive, not eating.. so i brought her to the Vet.. and after some diagnosis, she had Jaundice... after a week now, she is almost fully recovered. Luckily it was early stage and the recovery is good..

Jaundice can kill your baby if it is not treated immediately. Also pls do not attempt to treat your dog or cat yourself eg. bringing her to go sun tanning (hehe) or those natural remedies. It needs to be properly diagnosed to find out the caused of the Jaundice.

I will not go into medical details, but rather sharing some tips I learnt from the Vet.

Urine: dark yellow - orange color
Poo: Could have diarrhea with yellowish color
Behavior: inactive, refuse to eat, drink lots of water
Fever: could be
Gums: pale and light yellowish (normally should be pinkish)
Ear Flap: the under ear flap also will turn pale and light yellowish
Eyes: yellow (this is most of their eyes are brown in color)
(i suggest we should constantly check on their gums and under ear flap to ensure the color is normal)

Blood test is a must. The blood test should be able to tell the cause of the JAundice. It could be due to blood parasite (tick fever), failure in liver or kidney (many reason may cause the liver to fail), intoxicated, and many other reason.

Do check your baby constantly to ensure they do not have Jaundice.
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