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Default Re: Urgent. Looking for animal shelter around selangor, shah alam area.

Originally Posted by HumanVK View Post
Hi, i am looking for any help that can provide an aid for the stray dog around my working area. There are a lot of stray dog around my working area, mostly come and go, but there are some special one that really like to make friend with human and this is kind of sad because some time i spoke them have been treated poorly by passerby, worker around the area.
Now one of them are pregnant and may be born soon. i have start looking for animal shelter to take care them, but still have not receive any good news yet... i am sincerely looking for an animal shelter that can take them in, or any information can link me to an animal shelter or anyone who want to Adopted them.

Below are the animal shelter i have already in contact :
-PAWS Animal Welfare Society, Petaling Jaya
-Second Chance Animal Society
-SPCA Selangor, Malaysia
-Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue
-A Dog's Life

Below are the address of my working area :
No.10, Jalan Sitar Satu 33/6A
Alam Premier Industrial Park 40400 Shah Alam Selangor D.E
Selangor - Shah Alam - 40400
Dear HumanVK,

Thank you for caring for these dogs! As your experience with the shelters has shown you, though, there are too many homeless dogs. The shelters are simply overwhelmed and have no more capacity.

The best thing you can do is to spay and neuter these dogs to ensure they no longer reproduce and to then maintain them as community dogs. When you and your neighbours are sure that the dogs are not longer contributing to an exploding population of strays, you can then tend these animals as a four-legged neighbourhood guard force. They will stop other strays from moving into your area and will alert you if strange humans approach.

For help with the cost of spaying and neutering, I would suggest contacting Then bring the dogs back to your area and work with your neighbours to accept them as community dogs. Does this require some effort and time on your part? Yes, it does. It is, however, the best you can do for these animals, and it can be a benefit to your whole neighbourhood if you present it as such!
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