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Default Re: Animal Clinic subang jaya ss14

I am completely baffled by all the good reviews for Animal Clinic SS14. Did i accidentally stumble into a wrong, dreadful place?

Let me try to summarise my experience:

My dog didn’t look himself on Monday. By Tuesday (7th Sept) morning, he had mild diarrhoea and i decided it was time he sees a vet. Unfortunately, his regular vet’s appointment schedule was full. So i Googled for a recommendation that is close enough and decided to give SS14 Animal Clinic a try because of its decent reviews. I called to make an appointment but was told i could just walk in.

“May i know where exactly in SS14 is the clinic?”, i asked. And was told “Use Waze or Google Maps”. Fair enough, because sometimes people can be too busy to take 30 seconds out of their lives to direct you to the place of their business.

It was my first time at this clinic, so a registration process was required. However, the system was down. That’s fine, i was patient enough to repeat 4x that it was my first visit. Also, the receptionist was polite and apologetic, so i let that pass. I was told to take a seat while my dog and i wait for the veterinarian, which we willingly complied.

A minute later, this lady vet(her name is Bharati), strutted out on her high horse and said she’s ready to see my dog. However, she became quickly irritated when she realised i have not weighed my dog, something i was not instructed to do. The situation became slightly chaotic when my dog wouldn’t cooperate to get on the weighing scale. At this point, neither the vet nor the assistants offered help. So we had to get my husband in to carry my (24kg) dog onto the analog machine. After which, the vet threw a muzzle at me and told me to put it on my dog. Bear in mind, at no point did my dog showed any signs of aggression. That poor dude was just so confused with the new environment and all the new scents he was picking up. Naturally, he refused to wear the muzzle, which i'm sure has been worn by many other dogs and carried so many confusing scents. I then assured the vet that my dog is not aggressive and the muzzle was not necessary. Which they were okay with.

Upon entering the treatment room, i was told to carry my dog onto the table. This came as a shock to me because the vet i frequented had assistants who are trained to do that. While there was the vet and two of her assistants in the same room, they all stood by to watch while i struggled to do so.

Throughout the “consultation”, the vet looked indifferent, which is fine, because that could easily be passed off as a "face problem”. I was told my dog had a high fever. However, no history was taken and no blood-work was done before my dog was quickly prescribed with a fever injection (which didn't work), deworming pills, probiotic, antibiotic and more fever pills. I was slapped with a RM264 bill which included a RM40 consultation fee.

Don’t get me wrong, i agreed to pay the bill; only because my beloved pet was in distress and any reasonable human being would entrust a medical professional to perform their duties ethically and with empathy, at any cost.

All in all, i had the worst experience with Animal Clinic SS14. This is a 1 star rating only because it’s not possible to give half a star for the receptionists' friendliness. There is a possibility that not all the vets in this clinic are arrogant and careless. Until this vet name Bharati is able to come off of her high horse and perform her legal duty to provide a certain standard of skill and care to the animals she sees, with good bedside manner, i strongly suggest you try for another vet.
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