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Default Re: How to choose food for your dog/cat.

No problem! :) I just felt like I had to give people info on how to pick food... seems like most people are deceived by pet food companies claiming to make "premium food" which are so overpriced and contain nothing but sugar and corn (Science Diet especially).

Where are you located? You can actually go to the Naturapet website (, they have a list of retailers on their website. Most of the pet food companies have it, so you can just check from there and go to the petstore closest to you to get some! If you're anywhere in PJ/Mutiara Damansara area, there's a big store at Ikano that carries all the Natura products (EVO, Innova, California Natural, etc.)

I feed my dog a mixture of kibble and canned food. I mix about 1 tablespoon of canned food to his kibble for every meal. He loves EVO canned as well as Innova canned.
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