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Default Re: How to choose food for your dog/cat.

Eukanuba is actually VERY VERY expensive for the quality of ingredients that they use to make it. Basically, they make you pay for the advertising that they do for their food. Blackwood CAT food is all right, but the dog food is rather horrible too.

Some very good brands that you can look at (and that are ALL cheaper than Eukanuba!! I'm appalled at the price of Eukanuba, Royal Canin, etc. in Malaysia. Total ripoff!!) are... California Natural, Avoderm, Innova, Evanger's and US Regal. You can find all of these foods in Pet's Lovers Centre or Petsmore.

Sometimes you'll be able to find these brands in specialty petstores too. Specialty stores are usually more expensive though. I'm not sure if these brands are cheaper than RM150 for 15kg (my dog is small and I only buy 2-3kg bags at a time), but they are DEFINITELY cheaper than what you're paying for Eukanuba. Also, you usually have to feed a lot LESS of these brands because there's so much more meat in the ingredients compared to Eukanuba/Pedigree/Royal Canin etc.

When in doubt, please look back on my advise on buying brands. Don't listen to advertising. Always check the ingredients list of the food you're buying and please, please make sure that the first ingredient should ALWAYS be a NAMED meat. Something like "chicken, rice, corn, etc" is BAD, but something like "chicken MEAL, rice, oats, etc" is GOOD.

This is a very good website for dog food ratings:

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