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Default I am searching for white mini-lop, can any genius out there tell me where can I find it?

Hi, after I have been gaining informations for almost one year right after my previous bunny pet, I wish to buy/adopt bunnies. I am currently searching for a white doe mini lop. Really love it into max. I think it's pretty hard to find cuz I haven't seen one sold in the pet store I've visited so far.

It is really sad that malaysia do not have a proper forum for all rabbit lovers like there're a small amount of people having rabbit as a pet in malaysia. The reason is because rabbit is fragile, plus they're not living in a proper environment evil owner Is this true? I can see a lot of people having rabbit as pet but they do not share it like dog/cat lovers. It is not as common as dogs, cats, hamsters.. the variety of rabbit accessories is not much which makes me shaking my head all the time looking at them. I can't even find my ideal rabbit cage.

I have been gaining information from a China Forum. They're a lot of them having rabbit as their pet and it's a place where all of them gather and share their bunny pictures, diseases, ways to train rabbit, and lotsa information of rabbits.

Please tell me where can I find white mini lop in Kuala Lumpur area.

Please tell me which pet store is selling a number of bunny accessories in KL area.

Thank you very much
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