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Default Stop Animals Abuse In Pet Shows!

Yesterday I was at Danga Bay City Pet Show in Johor Bahru expecting to see animal lovers showcasing their beloved furkids or animals in competition. What greeted me instead was the most horrific and appalling animals abuse in the disguise of pet shows!

Majority of the vendors there are actually dog shops peddling their wares and animals! Now, I'm fine with peddling wares like accessories, health supplements, pet foods and services but definitely NOT LIVE animals! It's abuse of the highest order! Puppies and kittens were in cages and stack on top of each other. Hamsters, guinea pigs, hedgehogs and chinchillas were squeezed together in cages. The worst was the hamsters. Each glass cage contain at least a minimum of 15 hamsters! And they have to endure 2 bloody days coop up in their cages with no exercises not to mention they have to endure being pick-up and handled by potential customers and their bloody temporary custodian guardian - the shopkeeper and their temporary helpers! Then there are the reptiles that are being coop up in individual round glass casing and you see potential customers tapping the glasses trying to get responses from them to see if they are active or not!

Say what you want - fact is the animals are being mistreated! I saw the helpers literally threw some hamsters from one cage to another in a couldn't care less attitude! Then there are the kids that poke at them and the parents seem to be oblivious to their precious tots wrongdoing! There was even one guinea pig has a bleeding wound on its' back and nothing was done to ease the guinea pig discomfort!

If those animals had it bad in the cages, then the worst goes to those rabbits that was caged in a play pen with the signboard 'Pet a Rabbit for RM1' or the 'Scoop a Strainer of Fish for RM1!' Do you know how stressful it can be for the rabbits and fishes that being chased after and then being rough handled! I wouldn't be surprise they will die off or suffer depression after these two days events!

I totally abhorred this kind of pet shows! It should never be allowed in the first place! The most disgusting thing was that 'HOPE' and Petster magazine was there! How could these two organizations condone this kind of pet shows!

I will definitely be writing to the press to highlight them that such pet shows are nothing more than Animals Abused!

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