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Default [Desperate] Looking for temporary foster homes for kittens

Hi Forum,

I am hoping to be able to find some help from the petfinder community.

I don't want to sound desperate but I really am.

To provide context, my mom and sister started rescuing kittens and cats a few years ago. Starting 2020, we had 30+ cats at home. It was a lot but manageable.

Suddenly near the end of 2020, 3 mother cats gave birth on our property. So now we have 12 kittens, plus the 30+ existing cats.

It's now become too much and I need to rehome them asap. But I am overwhelmed having to care for all of them.

I know it is a big ask, but is there anyone out there in Selangor that can help me foster some of these kittens and help look for homes for them? I am even willing to pay for your troubles.

I'll be posting their profiles up on over the weekend. But I really cannot look after them

Please, is anyone able to help?

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