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Default Neglected dog


I have a neighbour that leaves her dog out in the blazing sun and heavy rain.

It just rained a while ago and there was thunder, the poor dog was howling in his cage. The dog is kept in the cage all the time. They hardly take the dog out for walks except to have him relieve himself and then it's back in the cage again.

Today, whilst it was raining, the owner's 30 year old daughter came out to take the food bowl away but left the howling dog outside.

The irony is that these people just renovated their house and there seems to be no room in the newly extended house for the poor dog. They also have a puppy that they keep indoors (for now).

What can be done for this dog? I believe this is an old dog as he has been with them for a long time. I just think that these people are no longer interested in caring for the old dog now that they have a new one.

Please help!!!!!
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