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Default N N Pet House in Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya

I visited the pet shop on 25 Aug 2010 and what I saw really disgusted me.

-all cages were extremely filthy
-NO clean water provided, some animal don't even have any water source
-animals esp persian kittens, dogs and sugar glider are sickly
-a boxer dog kept in a cage that is too small that it could barely stand on four.
-almost 20 sugar gliders cramp in a 1ft by 2ft by 3ft cage. No pouch nor branches nor any toys. Was told those sugar gliders are used for solely breeding purposes.
-Many hamsters cramped in a small tank and it was extremely dirty
-Pet chickens were kept in cages in the toilet
-Many tortoises kept in a yellow water pile with algae water in the same toilet as the chickens
-2 doves were kept in a cage next to the cats' cages. Hence, the birds were stressed all time.

I had reported this pet shop to SPCA. The pet shop should not be allowed to operate with such atrocious conditions and petlovers should not patronize such vendors.
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