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Angry Pudu Aquarium & Pet shop, Jalan Tun Razak

I came across this TERRIBLE PET SHOP along jalan tun razak, Pudu Aquarium & pet shop...I mean its the worst I have seen in my life...before this I have seen like overcrowded shops and even betta fish sold in a tiny plastic bag, but this is unimaginable...
When u enter the shop itself it gives u a sinking feeling...and when u leave it totally makes u emotionally disturbed...U can see birds put together in a small cage, more than 3 pupies together in a cage, even 3 big geese together in a cage...the bettas were put in a small box which they call a fish tank..and they were more than 10 turtles in a tub together-on each other with no space to move! Sick looking rats...The water was so dirty in the aquarium that I could hardly see the fishies! The ony animals which got a cage each were the pedigree dogs n though its a crime to be stray!
They had some exotics as well..mongoose n an animal I couldn't identify! The 1 thing in common was that all the animals were crammed into small cages!!
Honestly, seeing is believing!!
Then me n my bf e-mailed SPCA and they told us to email the Veterinary Services Department..we emailed them and they are yet to reply us! Even emailed the other NGO's including Kechara n all, but they said nothing can be done other than emailing SPCA and VSD...
Its sad to live in a country where animals (voiceless as there are) seem to be getting such a bad deal...
The only thing to do is DONT EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THAT SHOP!!! Please tell ur friends and tell them to tell theirs...if everyone from Selangor & KL refuse to buy then chances are high that they have to close shop!!
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