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Default Re: Evil X-owner!

Firstly, Shih Tzu isnt old..she is only six!
Secondly, thank god I took Shih Tzu because lliving with u would have killed her!!

Please stop talking nonsense Jimmy !! The day i took Shih tzu i brought her straight to the vet, which means that the vet, Dr.Foong would be able lo verify on Shih Tzu's condition!

What do u mean by why wait till now to complain!! Whats the point of complaining? At the most u can give my money back but the thing is that a dog is not a product..its a living thing that needs care and love! As I said there was no point in complaining but when I realised that you were trying to sell your poodles, I knew I had to do something!

So, don't worry Jimmy, I will be making an official complaint to Dept of Vet Services and also SPCA!