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Smile Re: My new little RES need helps....

I'm glad to meet you as well. Sorry for your lost. Honestly I'm new to use UVB light. For 7yrs plus I only manage to keep my boys and girl in those plastic box because I don't have enough space to put an aquarium. Everyday I had to put them under the sun and clean them every night or change water whenever it's dirty. Actually I did consider myself abusing them for not provide a real environment for them. I just got an custom made aquarium and I need UVB light as well, thought I can ask you about it . I may not able to use the hanging type because I have 2 cats as well, I need to figure out a way to secure the light.

I only feed them with pallets, yes you might read from internet that you can also feed them worms and so on...well I'm afraid of those wiggling worms ugh!! And I never feed them with live food because I'm afraid they'll bite me as I need to brush them everyday to clean them. I only give them turtle pallets, I did try a lot of different brands before because at that time I only bought this pallets at Carrefour. Recently I give them NUTRAFIN brand pallets. I feed them cabbage every morning and pallets at night because the pallets will dirty the water (yeah, currently they still live in those plastic box because I haven got the UV light and filter for the tank.). Occasionally I'll give them boiled chicken meat, other vege & fruit like lettuce, cucumber or even apple and pear. I cannot tell you which pallet brands are the best, because my babies are very picky, they only eats what they like. Although they crazy about chicken meat but I only give them small amount in weekends as snack because too much chicken is not good for their health. Beside turtle pallets, I'll try give them natural food as much as I can.

You mention pet shop in Pandan Indah, did you mean 88 Pets Mart? I got my aquarium there and they are quite professional in aquatic pets. It's good that you able to let your baby expose to natural sunlight, it's waaaaay much better that any man made UV light you can get!! Have you got filter for your tank? These little guys need a very clean water which is why I had to wash their box and brush them every night to make sure it's clean and prevent fungus. Also, the water you use, you need to keep the water for at least 3 days to de-chlorine the water. How to do it? It's simple, just buy those plastic pail with lid, contain the water and close the lid. Remember, must use those with lid to keep your water clean from dust and also prevent of "Nyamuk Aedes". I'm not sure why your baby not basking maybe he already got what he needs from the natural sunlight? BTW, your baby is a HE or SHE? Don't worry, as long as it swims, eat and poop, then evrything is fine

I'm a senior?? The first time I got 2 RES babies died after 2 weeks . Since then I done a lot of research, read lots of books on how to take care of them. Don't you worry for asking too much questions, I'm just glad and happy to share it right here with you.

Fun fact: Do you know they will yawn like us? Their eyelids is upside down? (close from down to up direction)

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