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Wink Re: My new little RES need helps....

Hi cyap...

So fast you reply... huhuhu..
Oh... you adopted? ooh... he's cute.....

Oh..ok.. i got what you mean... but if i place them inside my house, they will keep on hiding their self under the dock..and they will only move around or climb up the wood or dock if there's no one is moving or walking around.. if someones moves or walks, puffff... they will jump into the water.. hide themself..... but i when the time i feed them, they come out slowly..look around.. and pick the pellet..something like stealing off the food slowly.. hehehe.. ... hmm.. i haven't try to give them boiled chicken yet.. at moment only exxo terra pellets and cube worms.. they love the worms..

oh... great.. at last u bought the filter.. yes.. most of the water pumps or filter will be fixed in the water.. and its safe..but u must make sure there is no short-circuit happens from the electricity supply... the wire and the pump are made specially to be fix in the water.. so don't worry.. but there are some water pump or filter that we can fix out of the aquarium.. its called Canister filter.. and its quite expensive.... most of it used for ocean aquatic aquariums..

Oh.. you mean they have the UVA/UVB light? as i asked one of the worker there, he said don't have..reptiles.. they have the UVA/UVB for aqua fishes and plants.. as my research as i done (following sifu cyap steps) , the UVA/UVB radiation level for repltiles is more higher than aquatic fish/plants.. try to check before you purchase it.. this info i got to know from the Reptiles shop it self.. thats why in all turtles related websites, they advice to have 2 separate lights, which is UVA/UVB lights and Basking light( produce heat).
If the lights comes in one bulb, it means the radiation of UVA/UVB is lower.. and it is more suits for aquatic creatures.. try to check.. correct me if i'm wrong..ok.. i'm still Junior..

Your custom made aquarium.. is awesome.. SO BIG...... hmmm.. for sure its expensive coz its too thick.. at last your RES got a new home!!... try to let them together..without separating them.. they might be fighting because of not enough space before.. try and see.. try to decorate your aquarium with riverstones on the below.. with some aquatic plants.. and suitable turtle docks for them to bask.. your aquarium really can be decorated as their real living habitat...because of the size.. need help..let me know ok.. i'm willing here...

yes..i place them outdoor.. and of course they have a nice place for them to hide to avoid get over heated.. hmm.. they just able to get the sunshine for few hours only..(8am-11am) but recently.. very less.. because its raining everyday.. it's makes me more worried.. sure i won't let them to be on the cold.. at night i will place them under my fish aquarium.. a bit warmy area... and by morning, i place them outside at the condo balcony..

Yeah.. i won't be worry because, i having a good sifu as you.. to get advised and guidance.. hehehe.. make sure you send me a picture once you complete set up your aquarium... k... i'm eagerly waiting..... and if you need any help to set up.. let me know.. this Junior can try to help you... hehehe....
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