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Talking Re: My new little RES need helps....

Hi there, I do want to reply you yesterday but I want to catch some photos of my finished set up tank. Yeap, after weeks of thinking how to diy the cover and finally....whoalah!!!

Actually I never start using the tank because I want to have it cover with mosquito net to prevent bugs and also dust and cat's hair. I've been asking aquarium shop and hardware store and none of them can make one cover for me so I had to diy myself. Finally I got the aluminium mesh and tape the side with magnetic strip to have a stronger attach to the side of the tank. I make two sheet mesh cover so it's easier to open one piece to feed them. You can see there are a strip place horizontally in the middle (attached to second piece of the mesh) to create a support for the mesh as the magnetic strip is not like wood strong and hard, it's quite flexible and will need support to hold it straight. Ya, I mentioned to you I got UVA/UVB fluorescent light from 88 pets mart, it's Exo Terra Repti 8.0, I think it's the old stock they have and it's actually used for dessert reptiles. I just found from Exo Terra website that usually for terrapins, they only need Repti 5.0. so I only turn on one light and keep the other one as extra backup. Also I got a few piece of mesh from Daiso, to put on top just in case my naughty cat jump on top. Well that's it, I'll be using this temporally meanwhile I'm looking for a better way to make one more stronger and sturdy cover. Do you have any better idea?

I started the pump on Sunday, I only turn it to mid because my smallest boy will be in the last compartment (right side) where the water has the strongest flow there. Yesterday evening the water is a bit cloudy so I turn it to max as I see my boy seems quite enjoy the water flow . Do I need a bigger/more powerful pump to get the crystal clear water?

Here are some photos Well I still separate them in other boxes when I gave them pallets and I need to clean some of the leftovers in the tank. It's still an everyday cleaning work (but less work compare to previously ) but it's worth it as it's twice bigger than the boxes they use to live in and now they can swim
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