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Cool Re: My new little RES need helps....

Thank you.

The thick plastic mesh is actually come together with the tank. Other materials are from hardware store and DAISO! You didn't see the filtration box because it's built in, it's inside the tank (horizontal section at the bottom) sitting right next to the vertical section, which is in the last two compartment. The horizontal section was designed to be the filter box, at the same time, it's also a basking area. The Exo Terra fluorescent light box you shown me is a great product but not suitable for my tank, the length is not enough. I got this light holder from 88 Pets Mart too where it's excactly 5ft long to fit my tank and it has 2 different switch on the box for 2 fluorescent lights. If I use shorter length light box or light bulb, then I'll have to use 3 switches for 3 lights. I got this package like around rm300+ (include 2 fluorescent lights).

Yeah, I learned about the UVA/UVB light uses from Exo Terra website. I'm a rookie to aquarium stuff so now I'm like going back to school to study all about this especially safety, which I'm concern the most. I learned to do the cover from youtube. There is a video showing an great idea using pvc egg crate as a cover, I thought it's good but unfortunately I can't find the egg crate from any hardware store I know. Have you see this before? (plz refer picture)

Dude, do you know how much it cost for a canister filter? Plus it's too big for my tank as the water in the tank is only half full. The water outflow from the pump, it's that a pressure to the water that you mean? Anyway, thanks for your info about water pressure, I shall look into it. I've turn on the water pump to max and after one day, the water seems ok, it's clear The only problem now it's when I do the cleaning, as the filter box is built-in, so when I take out the sponge from the box the dirt spread all over the tank . I'm thinking switch to external filter box, easy cleaning. I'm looking at 2 different type of filter system from Fluval, the hang-on external type or the underwater filter (if it fits in vertical section of the tank) but not the canister ok?...

I'm trying to make a crawling slope with plastic/pvc mesh use for flower pot, (I got from DAISO!!) to place at the basking spot, they seems having trouble going up there. If it works, I'll show you later. Yeah, if I got free time, sure I'll take out the plastics let them swim further. It's quite fun watching them swimming, sometimes swim backwards

How is your RES babies?
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