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We should be thankful the existence of Youtube

I know I've said definitely no canister filter but on second thought, I might change my mind..... The info I got is turtle produce more dirt/mess compare to fish so usually terrapins keeper will go for big canister filter or install 2 hanging filter in a tank size like mine, it should be at least 2 times more than the gallons of water to be filtered. Oh man, I should done more research on filter before I buy mine. The submersible pump I'm using now is not bad, strong enough to clean the tank, the only problem is the filter box and perhaps the water pressure if I turn it to max. Anyway, I will go and check out the filter option since I do need to add another filter to my tank

You fed them live fishes?????!!!!!THAT'S CRUEL!!!!! OMG, don't tell me you fed them your guppy fish I've seen before guppy mother ate her was a horrible experience when I saw the baby's tail tip at the mother's mouth........

Oh ya, CNY holiday is coming sorry to tell you I'm from KL, no need to go back home town so no problem for me I don't like travel either, beside working in office, most of the time I like to stay home. Bring them along with you, they're still small, easier to carry in small boxes or you can go for pet hotel, 88 pets mart have pet hotel service. Do check out their FB page.
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