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Default Re: Survey harga di Klinik haiwan Government & Swasta

Kalau tak silap, pejabat haiwan kajang hanya mandulkan kucing jantan for RM70 and only on Wednesday by appointment. But I also heard that you have to book 2-3 months in advance but I can't verify this info.

If you nak private vet clinics area kajang/bangi the price range for male castration around 90-100 (some as high as 170) while spaying female cats would surely cost 120(the cheapest I pernah dpt quotation) and above. A lot of private clinics may also insist that your cats are vaccinated so if they're not, you'll have to add another 30-50 (depending where) plus there will be a consultation fee of between 20 and 30 tapi pejabat haiwan tak ada consultation fee.

UPM, I'm not sure but I know it's not the cheapest and you may also be put on a waiting list depending on their surgery schedule. Kalau nak compare which is better, I would definitely say UPM because I don't know if the surgery at pejabat haiwan is even done by a qualified vet ataupun just an assistant. I know for sure, the ones who treat the animals there are not actual vets but people in the jabatan who were given some kind of training for minor treatments. Depending on who you get, some of them can be trusted while others don't seem to know anything so pls be careful when you go there. Biasanya kalau case2 yg payah, they will let you know terus they can't help you so kalau kecik2 mcm luka or kurap boleh lah bawak kat situ but if you really need medical attention/surgery, i would recommend you go to a real vet or the UPM hospital.

Alternatively, you can go to the SPCA Klinik Kembiri in Setapak which is way cheaper at 40 for male cats and female less than 100 but this also requires you to make an appointment in advance but they do not accept purebred cats. Kalau dikira, if you have more than one cat nak neuter/spay, dgn cost minyak to and fro, mmg lagi untung bawa to SPCA's clinic and I've never had any problems from fixing them there.

Hope this helps.
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