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Default Re: WWF - Save Turtles with Just One Signature

Thanks andy,

unfortunately i don't read chinese

i have asked around medicine halls and my own dad. he said,'s from herbal plants...chinese medicinal halls said the same thing..

well, i won't mind signing the petition again. have you had a chance to speak to kwong woh tong?
Originally Posted by AndyKoh View Post
I just checked around for more articles on Gui Ling Gao (including home DIY recipes) and they seemed to also mention using the powdered turtle shells. But there are also some that mentioned about just using ginseng and other herbal substances.

Here's what I believe... this dessert, which originated since the days of Chinese emperor rulings, has the turtle shell as a key ingredient. If you go to authentic shops nowadays, you would probably get the same at an expensive price. The commercialized ones that we now find which are sold pretty cheaply, has probably left out this expensive ingredient, but the name stuck on.. so I think the turtle shell is not a rumour, but rather, the authentic and original version.

Ashley, here is the chinese article you requested:
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