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Default Re: CPU Not working - help

Originally Posted by AndyKoh View Post
When you turn it on, do you hear the typical power-on beep and hard disks powering up?

If there is absolutely zero sound and response, it could likely mean that your power supply has kaput.

If there are some sounds, then nothing showing on screen, then could be motherboard or ram problem.

In any case, better ask a friend who's familiar with CPUs or bring to your nearest PC shop for help.

p/s: How did you post this help request if your PC can't power on, using cyber-telepathy?
Dear Mr andy... ahahaha... i dun have cyber-telepathy mind u... ehehehhe I'm at work la... the cpu at home not working....

Originally Posted by blackie007 View Post
hahah, andy, i think filin meant her CPU at home la......and she posted using her office CPU.

Sorry dear, (err, I mean filin, not u, Andy.....hahaha) I'm not sure I can help u there either. but I'll give u my 2 cents of opinion.

Sometimes it could be the cards are a bit loose. Try tightening all the cards in the CPU. If no sounds at all, then just switch on and off the power, and then try turn on your CPU. If you could turn it on after a few tries like this, then that means your battery power in your CPU kaput. Hope this helps.

blackie : aiyoo... dunno la... i really think maybe the thing kaput liao....

Originally Posted by Penghulu View Post
Ok abg din lets kick start...dari mula..
on cpu pastu ader power ker tak..atau terus terus tak der power...
penghulu : mmg langsung x leh nak on.. dia diam jer.. no sound no picture no nuthin...
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