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Default Cat hissing at new kitten

Hey guys

Need your help on this. My bf brought home a stray kitten on Sunday night. When he came home, he placed the box with the kitten inside on the floor and my 2 year old cat curiously peered inside. When she saw the kitten, she started hissing and spitting and just ran to hide in my room.

I have kept them separated for now. The kitten is kept in a different room. I'm worried about my older cat. She was always very active and playful before this kitten came in. For the past 3 days, I noticed she's always on edge, doesn't want to play and won't sleep with me. She won't even come near the room which the kitten is in. Older cat has also been eating less these days. I have to move her dish to the kitchen from her usual spot because it's near the kitten room and she didn't eat the entire first day the kitten was there.

Last night, I let the kitten out to roam around the living room. Older cat just hissed at her and just sat on the dining table the whole night! She even hissed at me when I tried to pick her up.

How long will this last? I miss my crazy cat and I really want them to get along Will it affect my older cat's health (like stress/trauma)?

Right now, kitten is still confined in a different room but I plan to let her out after she has her first checkup this Saturday.
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