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Default Re: Cat hissing at new kitten

Originally Posted by Meffy View Post
When would be suitable to let the kitten out of the room? I don't have a cage but since it's my laundry/closet room, I don't want it to stink of kitty poop.

Will my elder cat attack the little one if left unsupervised?
I would let your older cat set the pace. When she begins to show curiosity -- sniffing at the door, for example -- you try leaving the door open and see how it goes. At the first sign of real aggression (not play-fighting), separate them again.

When I introduced my 2nd cat, my 1st cat took about 2 weeks before she was willing to be civil. I would definitely not leave them together unsupervised until you are confident that they can at least coexist peaceably.
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