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Default Re: Everise Veterinary Clinic, Kajang Prima

Originally Posted by fishit View Post
Just an update on my second visit. We went to the clinic yesterday because our kitten has diarhhea. I'm pretty sure it was cause by the food that we gave him. Previously, we fed him innova eva 186g and he was doing fine. but on last thursday, we bought the biggest can which is around 300+g and he had diarrhea the next day. we didn't bring him to the vet until yesterday cos' of the insufficient money. plus, he was pretty fine (he's surprisingly active, eat and drink his food, didn't vomit) except for his soft light brown poop.

we went to the vet, and she insert a weird needle (not literally) device into my kitten's anus. she said he was fine. no bacteria or anything unusual. but, his one of his kidney is swollen. she prescribe him an antibiotic, dmg tablets, diarhhea tablets, a brown syrup (i forgot what is that for but it's important for him to finish it), and a can of hill science prescription a/d diet.

we ask her to help demonstrate how to give him the food and she told her assistant, which is a guy to do it. the guy was kinda harsh to him (he kinda grabs the hair on my kitten's back) but i thought maybe it didn't actually hurt him. but for sure, i won't let the guy touches him again after this.

so what i wanna share is that, this vet is one of the vet you can trust if you're living somewhere around kajang/semenyih/bangi but i don't trust hes assistant. her assistant was not there on our first visit because the shop was initially closed. and i gave the hill science can to stray cats cause the ingredients was rubbish and i fed him nature's variety for now. the prescription diet was given so that it will 'entice my kitten to start eating'.

ps: after few days from the first injection, the scabs are gone. but of course for the mites to be fully gone might take a while.
ear mites dont take longer time to heal, dear..just squirt ear cleanser/or spot-on inside the ear and clean it thoroughly..for my kitties, no more ear, i dont have to clean their ears like even for a week
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