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Default Re: Everise Veterinary Clinic, Kajang Prima

Originally Posted by Coony View Post
Hi Fishit,

Just to clear up some misunderstanding here regarding to the vet assistant on the handling of the kitten. It is normal to hold the kitten on the skin behind the neck as this is the best way to prevent any resistant from the kitten shud he be not happy about what the assistant gonna do with him. In fact this is also the same way how the queen cat pick up her kitten.
Hello there, coony. I appreciate your comment. I knew that by holding on the skin behind the neck is the best way to prevent any resistant as I have been doing that for the past 2 weeks in order to give him his med. But the way the guy handle my kitten is just plain weird. I think my kitten eyes seems like its gonna pop out of his socket any time soon and even the clinic in bangi didn't do it that way. So, maybe i'm being paranoid or just being silly, but i think i give a heads up before somebody do get upset after letting the guy handle their pet.
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