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Default Re: Everise Veterinary Clinic, Kajang Prima

Hi irenelance,

It's been almost 2 years since my first post. Which meant Charlie is almost 2 years now. He recovered from the ear mites and fungal infection. and now is very healthy and weighing at 5 ish kilos.

Anyway, it's been a long time since I last visited Dr. Wong. The last time was on last august for ringworm treatment. My cat, Thomas, caught ringworm after I've sent him to be neutered. I've sent him to a clinic located in Sg Chua since a friend told me that I don't have to leave my cat overnight. Ironic place to catch the disease, right? But anyways, I've sent him to mesra and they prescribed him medicines. But he didn't look any better than on the first day although it's been two weeks. then we brought him to UVH in serdang. the Dr there told us to continue with the prescribed medicines and gave us something (probably solution to clean the infected areas, i forgot cos it's been such a long time).

I knew ringworm is a type of infection that could took from 4 months to 1 year to fully recover from it. Depending on the effort and the type of treatments (oral or topical medicines) that you're using. I did a lot of research and even used an alternative way like putting drops of apple cider vinegar in his water and cleaning the infected area with it.

I was very frustrated due to the need to confine him inside the room and seeing him all alone. to add to the misery, he suddenly got mosquitoes bites or something that looks like it. he got it on almost everywhere but in minimal amount. but mostly on his face. Then I went to Dr. Wong and she gave him an injection for the ringworm infection and also prescribed him an allergic medicine. I've just found out he's allergic to ikan kembong and probably shrimp and prawns also.

After going back from there, Thomas slowly showing some recoveries. and he was fully healed a month later. I had stopped giving him the medicines that i got from mesra once i went to Dr. Wong.

Based on my experiences, I went to mesra for normal cases like vaccinations, deworming and sometimes de-fleaing. For serious cases like fractures and others, I went to UVH. If still untreatable like the ringworm case then only I went to Dr. Wong.

Referring to Dr. Wong staffs, i believe her staffs are always changing and sadly almost the staffs that she had hired seems like they are not an animal-friendly person.
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