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Default Abandoned Dog

Last two nights as my brother and I were walking home, we chanced upon an abandoned house. Being curious we decided to check it out. upon closer inspection we noticed that the there was a dog staying inside that house.

When we ask the neighbors about the house, they said that it has been abandoned for 3 years already. There used to be two dogs but one was poisoned by thieves. The remaining dog is being feed by a good Samaritan but sadly the food is being eaten not by the dog but by rats and crows.

There is also a lady that has the key to the house and comes and clean it. According to the neighbors the lady is keeping the dog to take care of the house as they still have personal belongings in there. Hope you guys can advise us on what to do. We know that it is illegal to remove the dog without the consent of the owner but this treatment seems rather unreasonable for the dog.

P.S- We went there again last night to feed him/her but he/she wouldn't touch the food. Probably he/she is wary of being poisoned.
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