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Originally Posted by masiemai92 View Post
I have to say that the reason that these people are doing this is because there's a demand for all this crush fetishes.

I know a friend that actually accidentally saw a site that promotes these sorts of fetishes, and also there are some psychology students and even some lecturers believe that this maybe a good outlet for people who have ASPD (anti-social personality disorder) in order to prevent them of having thoughts of hurting humans; let them satisfy their fetishes through these sites. "It's Ok, they're only animals anyway"

What is the world coming to

yeah right. killing small animals are signs of psycopaths. That's how they started before they become serial killers. One day, killing small helpless animals will no longer enough to satisfy their twisted minds.What then, ask them to crush helpless babies, then children, then maybe the lecturers????
Vivienlpl is right. The reason why our world today is difficult to live in is because of these kind of people who are given with rationalism & logical thinking but did not use them accordingly, but still think they are superior than animals. They are just a waste of space, air and other natural resources.. Animals kill for survival or to protect them & their clans, but human kills for fun. Animals don't start wars, the so called human does, for no good reasons at all.
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