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Default Re: Cats in Apartments

Originally Posted by kmleong View Post
Well, I bought this apartment when it was still under development so I can't survey the place. i moved in a year later after it got the OC. After a year staying here (the neighbour) bought it from someone else the corner unit. First 1-2 years there was no complains from him. Then he came in the middle of the night pass midnight and started knocking on my window when I answered he started complaining in a rude way instead of talking nicely, so we got into an argument. Every now and then he still makes complains and I get a call from the management to do something about the smell. This time the comittee was involved, three guys + the management + the neighbour all together 5 ppl were there during the meeting. They ask me to evict right away so what is your plan, the MPPP tel no is just right infront of us we can call them right now. What kind of a threat is this?
So what you are saying there's no point go and see MPPP about this matter cause even if I manage to plea from them if the neighbour still makes complain MPPP will find me or take away my cats? I don't think there's any end if we continue fighting cause even if I do keep the place clean when his son or family fall sick he will put the blame on me.
When the management already ask to evict the cats, they will find ways to take them away. Don't get tensed here, just another experienced to share from my aunt that I forgot to tell is, when my aunt ignored the management's complaints of her stray cats, the management actually paid some kids to catch the stray cats that stayed over nights at the back area of my aunt's condo, my aunt caught the kids in the middle of the night hiding from one corner and some behind of cars making sounds to attract the cats to go to them like "tsik tsik tsik... meow meow...". When my aunt caught the kids in the middle of the night and asked, the kids admitted they were paid by the management to do a task of CATCH & DUMP the cats elsewhere out of the condo far far away. You might wanna avoid this incident happen to you.

The idea of letting Stella to foster the cats at the moment is a good idea. Let the management know that you have already move the cats out for good, don't suck in the arguments already, it's not worth when people all around you doesn't treat you well. Find a better and nice neighbourhood that allows you to have pets indoor.
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