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Default Re: Cats in Apartments

Originally Posted by blackie007 View Post
Unfortunately, some people misunderstand cats and hate them with a passion. Even my ex-neighbour who proclaims herself to be an animal lover. She picks up stray dogs as pets, but told me unequivocally that she just hates cats and wants to kick them the minute she sees them approaching her table for food.

So it could be that this neighbour of yours happens to be one of those cat-haters. And that will cause him to pick on every small little thing, e.g., smell, fur, etc., and blame every negative thing that happened to him and his family on you.
Just a year ago one block away there is a malay family stays there. They had one persian brown male cat. Their grandma can even speak hokkien. I always sembang with her. So she told me that particular neighbour came to them and complain about the smell. I see their is very clean and I don't smell anything besides is only one cat not like many. She told me he's going to make a complaint to the management and she was really frightened that the MPPP might come and take her jojo away so I tried to calm her saying nothing bad will happen. now they have moved already moved out this July I think.
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