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Default Re: Cats in Apartments

Originally Posted by adrianng87 View Post
I have tried disinfectant sprays of other brands, but dettol works better, provided your dustbin you spray on has to be cleaned (stains in the dustbin has to be cleaned/washed). You can't just rely on the disinfectant spray or febreeze or whatever things that will make your house smell good because the spray doesn't mention that they can 'clean' dirty items. They only neutralizes the bad odor. If your dustbin is full of thrash, there is no use to neutralize it's smell because the thrash inside can grow more bacterias of bad smell.

Just a friendly reminder, floor and pet items that are always exposed to your pet playing, sleeping & eating have to be cleaned thoroughly, as in mop, sweep or wipe with necessary liquid cleaner. This will rest assure that no foul smell inhibits. Carpets, sofas and curtains too carries a lot of pet smells. Remember to wash these items from time to time, and your house will be shining and smellin' good in no time!

But if you have already tried all of the mentioned above, and your neighbour is still complaining, then you might wanna consider to move out a better place.
The thing is I mop every week, scoop the litter each day and I have two trays. Because I live alone I don't have much furniture like sofa, only had a double be in my room and a dining table. i haven't thought about spraying the curtains until Felix the cat told me about it. Wish I should have found this forum long ago until now is too late. At first it was a call from the management that someone made a complain every few months. Then this indian family problem they blame on me as well telling the comitee why the one on the 2nd floor also have cats the the problem seem to be like transfer to me. Otherwise the comitee wouldn't get involved.
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