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Default Re: Voiceless Dog -Wood Shoved Down Throat, Leg & Neck Tied Tight 2 Pole

Im here bcz i just witnessed Dbkl staff catched homeless dogs which i still feel the grief now..

N im here bcz i feel so funny n speechless on the reply of KTMB president above. Aminuddin Adnan. Doctor lagi. How not profesional n inhuman a person can be right? How stupid a Doctor can give the answer which question about misquitos n crowls. How stupid n racist can be whn he said during raining, the wet fur of dogs will touch ur muslims fellows?

Dogs, as u can see, the stray n homeless, they try to avoid human n waiting pateintly for food outside of restaurants. With fear. I never seen dog was agressive whn looking n begging for food. With head down, eyes full of sadness, they begged u for food.

Doctor Aminuddin Adnan, atau tak layak aku patut panggil doctor, as much u love ur cats n protect ur cats, thats the same amount all these dogs deserve to live.

Satu pernyataan yg sgt bodoh, of cz dari org mcm u. Wat a stupid statemnt. I dont know i want to laugh bcz of your statemnt, or i wana b angry of ur stupid statemnt.

Dogs wont attack people, unless they feel harm. How many i seen, we can just passed by, n ignore them. But still people like u, Aminuddin Adnan, exists, more dogs will be killed. No worries, swear, those who even made a complaints, n apatah lagi yg catch n kill dogs, ur whole generation will pay for it. My curse.
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