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Default Re: How to choose food for your dog/cat.


Was goin thru the site to look for abetter dog food. My 2 adult dogs are taking eukunuba lamb & rice for more than 2 years now and my new puppy is on blackwood. I'm trying to switch for the 2 adult dogs as the price of eukunuba is going up higher and higher, its now RM190+ for the 15kg bag and it does not last very long for them. Its burning a big hole in my pocket soon.

Any idea of any good dog food around that you could recommend. It has to be good quality but at affordable price as I have got 3 dogs to feed. Sorry to say that the food they are taking is not doing much difference in them.

Please help to recommend. I think paying for a 15kg bag should be less than RM150 or even much lower, etc. RM120.
Anyone else can also give in your views on this one.
I really need to switch soon. Thanks
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