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Default Urgent Fosterer / Volunteer / Adopter Needed

Dear Esteemed members of

I hope that my call for help today with be met today.

I have two cats - one an adult female, an a 2-month kitten.

I need to find urgently :

1) either volunteer or fosterer to help take in the adult female

2) adopter wanting to provide a permanent home to the adult female

if you're a fosterer, i'm willing to foot the bill for the adult cat vis-a-vis food, care material (as in litter material and litter box) and vet care (i will make arrangement with you to take cat to vet, either you take cat there and i reimburse you or i take cat there). the cat is in good condition so there's no possiblities of complication.

just that both my neighbours are threatening me and the cat - for the cat's safety i need to find someone to take her in, even temporarily. of course she will be spayed and i will foot the bill for that, if she is spayed before being rehomed.

2) as for the kitten, it is currently at my vet under observation, i will foot any follow-up vet bill, food and care.

volunteer / fosterer should be genuine animal lover with genuine compassion for animal. and the cats have to be indoor - no question about letting it roam outdoor as the aim is to take them off the streets and keep them off the streets.

pls reply via this forum

thanks in advance

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