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Default Re: Recommended Vet for Ligation

Originally Posted by cheryl.j View Post
I'm so sorry to make it confused. Ya... Which I meant is tubal ligation... Thank you!
Hi again, Cheryl --

I don't know of any vets in the Klang Valley who will do tubal ligation, and the ones I've spoken to have discouraged it for these reasons:

The standard spay procedure, a fully ovario-hysterectomy, removes both uterus and ovaries (as you probably know), vs. a tubal ligation, which simply fuses the fallopian tubes while leaving the organs in place. Tubal ligation leaves the animal still very vulnerable to various cancers of her reproductive organs, and since she will still be producing all the sexual hormones, your dog will continue to have heat cycles, thus attracting unwanted attention from intact males, etc.

This is what I've heard from vets. Perhaps other Petfinder members will reply with other information or first-hand experience. At any rate, thank you for not allowing your dog to reproduce and add to the over-population problem, regardless of the method!
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