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Default Annual Vaccination, De worm, Heartworm & License

Dear Friends – let me Wish You All – Happy New Year and a Prosperous Chinese New Year.

It is this time of the year that all dog owners will have to renew their dog license. It is imperative that all dogs have a license. If there is any problem encountered with the local authorities do officially write to MSAVA, providing you personal details – Name,IC No, Address, Tel/Fax/Mobile Nos. These details are important to enable us to forward your complain to the relevant authorities. Also pls include photocopies of the document rejected. The MSAVA address is P.O. Box 12697, 50786 – Kuala Lumpur

Annual Vaccination and de worm is important for pets (Cats, Dogs & Ferrets) In Dogs the commonly used vaccine is the 9 in 1, which covers nine infectious diseases. The old 6 in 1 is still available.

In Cat’s it is advisable to have them vaccinated against Feline Leukaemia and Feline Aids as the disease is fast becoming endemic in our country. (FeLV & FIV).

De worm should be done twice yearly for all pets. Dog owners please note that de worm and Heartworm treatment are different. If you are using Heartworm tabs then the de worm is included into the dosage. Those using the SR12 injection u are advised to have the pets de wormed separately.

Dr. Clement Anthony - MSAVA
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