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Default Never Give Up!!!

Dear all, thank u for concern, support, wishes and everything! I've finally found my dog (Carlos), he's been with my kindhearted neighbour (Uncle Lim) really appreciated for their kind and gentle, they feed him well and bath him! Carlos went for holiday mood (-_-lll)... And remember NEVER GIVE UP!!! Miracle will happend!!!

谢谢大家这几天的关心、安慰、祝福。。。我终于找到狗狗了,傻小子跑去跟邻居林叔叔的狗回家,叔叔是看到我 的启示后才通知我的,他们对狗狗很好,不但喂饱它,还帮它洗澡!(傻小子是去度假了)。。。万分感激他们, 祝他们一家安康!只要不放弃,奇迹会发生!
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