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Default Re: Urgent Fosterer / Volunteer / Adopter Needed

Dear Andy,

sorry, i haven't been here for so long i can't remember where to post my request so i thought i'd cover all my bases but then i knew you'd help to put it in the appropriate section thanks :-)

Dear Daphne,

thanks for your concern. don't worry. although i'm concerned that time may run out for me, i still believe that someone will help me out and someone did. a kind lady has taken care of the kitten and another kind lady has offered her help with the adult cat.

Dear Prinz38i

thanks for the concern. The kitten has a pelvic bone fracture - it was clearly seen in the x-ray but the vet was hopeful that it would heal properly and it did. the kitten is now moving around without any problem at all. It was also in dire need of food and nutrition when i found it or rather when it found me. I have named the kitten olivia so i shall to refer to her by name. Olivia was admitted to my vet's clinic for about a week for observation and treatment of the fracture. then another week when they discovered an abcess on her chest exactly over her chest bone (forgot the name of that bone). they removed the pus in the abcess and gave olivia medication. last week i discharged her as she had thorougly healed. Olivia doesn't require anymore medication or special treatment although she needs to be in "cage rest" for a few more weeks to enable her pelvic bone to knit properly and to minimise any possible trauma and unnncessary movement (like jumping and running) that may cause more damage.

happily there is no nerve damage and she can pass stool and urine properly. i am so glad.

Olivia requires close monitoring which i'm not able to provide at the moment but happily i have found a responsible person who agrees to shelter the kitten and care for her until she is ready to be rehomed. I have agreed to sponsor all medical costs for the kitten including vaccination and spaying and related vet items for the kitten (should need arises). i'm very grateful to this kind lady, Ms. R, who is so compassionate and understanding. Olivia was puzzled why i left her with Ms. R but now about 4 days later, olivia is very happy with her new fosterer.

As for the adult female cat, Phoebe, i hope i'm able to come to an arrangement with the other kind lady. I'm quite concern that time may not be on our side as each day that passes exposes her to
1) risk of being chased or hit or bullied by my neighbours 2) risk of being hit by cars as my house faces a street with high volume of traffic throughout day and night except between 3am-5am.
3) risk of getting bitten by prowling unneutered males in the area - also risk of her getting pregnant

the aim is to get her off the street into a warm and loving home where she can be properly cared for while we try to find a permanent home for her.

any help you can rendered, even in the form of recommendation of fosterers or contact names and numbers would be much appreciated by both Phoebe and I.
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