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Default Help, my lil kitten is sick :(

Salam and hi to all,
I am very sorry if my post is a repitition of other previous ones. But I really need advices for the seniors here.

Before, I wondered around PF to find another kitten for my family and I because I have just lost my dear hunybuny. I got so depressed and I found one kitten for sale. Had a meet up with the owner and bought him.

We brought him home and that's when we realized:
1) he got quite many fungus. (the owner claimed that he's recovering already.. ye lah tu)
2) he got diarrhea.

the seller told us to feed him RC kibbles soaked in KRM. tapi die cirit, so I got scared and only gv him kibbles mana tau sbb susu xsesuai kan. lepas stop susu, die cirit lg but xsecair first day. I read around the forum on how to cure the fungus jugak but saye pulak yang panic and makin tertanya2, that's why I decided to post one new thread :( *is worried*

so far, Kyon is very playful. sgt active tak reti duduk diam. makan pun banyak. kejap je habis kejap je Habis. that's good but the fact that die cirit made me scared. skrg his poopoo dah tak secair mcm air like first day, sekarang just cair and tak firm. dah bawak pegi vet, dapat ubat cirit and fungus. dah deworm but not yet vaccine sbb die cirit.

Please dont eat me I know apart of it was my mistake because:
1) the kitten, Kyon, is just 2.5months old. If I didnt buy him, he might be happy with his mom right now.
2) i didnt join this forum and read thoroughly before i attemp to buy kittens. because bila dah baca baru tau yang org random2 yang jual kucing ni selalu neglect their kitten's health. before this all my previous cats and kittens semua pun org hadiahkan and bagi and they are in good health so dapat mantain dorg ke tua. this is my very first time using my own money to buy one so yeah.. things happen *cries*

my cats yg dulu2 pun ade satu dua kena fungus tp sekejap je baik. and dorg pun dah besar. ni yg kecik and fragile ni, kesiannye la kat die.

1) is it safe to use the malaseb on kitten? kalau nak mandikan dia mcm mane kekerapan tu?
2) if kitten da start makan kibbles, berapa kali sehari and banyak mana paling elok? sebab Kyon tu kalau bg makan 5 kali tambah pun boleh kot :D
3) fungus2 kat badan die tu disertai dengan dandruff like thingy.. rase mcm ade bace dlm forum ni somewhere but bile tenung tengok tak la bergerak, cume flaky. same ke tu?
4) mcm mana nak tau kalau kitten dehydrated?

pls help me PF-seniors. takut sangat. stp kali wash his poopoo on his leg ke ape rase kesian nak nangis je utk die. da la die xsuke makan ubat cirit tu, berair2 mata, berbuih2 mulut. tak sampai ati tp kalau xbagi xsihat pulak nnt. im here to learn more and more useful lessons to ensure my fur-sibs health and happiness MOREE!
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