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Unhappy Sudden change of behavior (advice pls)

evening all, i have a problem here. my dog start rummaging rubbish bin now. she's 8 years old already (our year). she never been like that until past few weeks, she start rummaging dustbin. those that are in the dustbin are just papers and tissue. i don't think she ate anything. but she just tend to dirty the whole place.

she used to do that before but after i punish her she will never ever do that again. but past few week she start rummaging again. and the thing is, she know that it's wrong to do it cause when i go the the dustbin area she'll run away even i din't say anything. then when i go and get her back to that area, she'll pee.

i tried what i can do to make her stop doing that already. but it just won't work. i thought this only happen to puppy. i really need advice from you guys. what should i do to stop this kind of behavior?


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