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Thumbs down BANNED! Palm Spring Veterinary @ Kota Damansara

Hi all!

Dogs shouldn't have died after spaying. But an unfortunate incident happened to me recently at Palm Spring Veterinary Clinic @ Kota Damansara. (Owned by Dr Chan Ka Long and he is the only one looking after the place.)

I had a very close bond with my puppy (less than 1 year old) and she had her jabs at the same clinic before. Based on trust, I sent to Dr Chan for spaying since he told me that she was in a very healthy form and suitable to perform the operation. I was told by Dr Chan that my puppy had to be left overnight in the clinic for supervision as she might be weak after spaying.

But due to his negligence and went home early, my puppy was left dying there. He knew that the dog's heart beat was abnormal yet he chose to return home and get some sleep. I received a text message from him to inform me that the puppy had opened her eyes but heart beat was weak! WTF?! I was working on the next morning and received a call from Dr Chan that my poor baby had died. He called me at 11am when the clinic just opened. Really unacceptable!!!

Calling himself a pet lover is really a shame! How could he be so reckless? He has been in this field for more than 5 years yet he could not perform his job professionally and over-promised his client for the sake of few hundred ringgit. Shame on him!!! To top it all off, he only compensated 1k to me although I told him that the puppy costs more than 5k+++.

Money is not a big issue here but I really cannot take it when he told me that he ASSUMED my puppy was ok, that's why he went home. Dog's man's best friend and I do not get it why some people can be so cruel and inhuman?!

Guys, remember to ban Dr Chan and Palm Spring Vet!!!

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