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Default Re: Minta opinion- dealing with irresponsible pet owner

Originally Posted by Administrator View Post
Thank you for sharing the condition and helping the animals.

Since this involves a case of animal in distress due to possible neglect, we suggest that you report the case to SPCA Selangor, as they have investigators that can assess the situation and take action accordingly.

Please get in touch with SPCA Selangor at the abuse report page below:
Hi, sorry I have just noticed this reply. I click the link but link is broken. Actually, I have called Paws Malaysia and also SPCA, the said its just a domestic dispute, the cant do anything about it. They told me to make complain to MPS. I called MPS, they said they can only confiscate the cats if they see their living condition is poor upon their investigation. But I don't feel comfortable with dealing with MPS coming here to do investigation and all. I don't want my parents to have a sour relationship with them. Also, this is a kampung area, I am not sure as to how they could conduct investigation when most of the cats are roaming freely in the area. So, I didn't launch the complain at the time. Maybe I will re-think about it again if the situation has gotten really out of control.
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