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Default Re: HELP! I think my guinea pigs got mites.

Originally Posted by Maneki Neko View Post
Hi, Fyfyn --

Yes, I just did a quick search, too, and it looks like Revolution might be ok, but I would still be nervous about using that on a pregnant animal.

Have you asked any of the pet shop owners if they would order it for you? Maybe if you were willing to put down a deposit (so they know you're serious, and you'll really buy it when it arrives), they'll place a special order. I'm sure they can get it, even in Kedah! :-)
I've checked with the vets, he can order Revolution for me with RM50 deposit. The medicine is RM98 Is there any other alternatives to treat my piggies? Revolution seems very costly

Some people suggest me to use human flea meds. She said that she had used it on her guinea pigs and it works without killing it. I doubt it though.
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