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Default Re: HELP! I think my guinea pigs got mites.

Originally Posted by Fyfyn View Post
I think it is static mite. It stick to their fur like it is glued. What should I do? One of my guinea pig is pregnant. Can I use anti-flea shampoo on them? Will all the mites go away? I'm so worried.

Below are the pictures that I found on the internet which is similar to my guinea pigs problem.
I would like to share some information with you on mites and lices on piggies. I had similar problem like you about this problem. Generally all piggies have mites or lices. You can't solve it as these mites, lices will come and go. I went to a licenced vet for solution and was told they don't sell products for small animals, unless for dogs and cats. So I was actually recommended for dogs mites and that small little bottle will be applied around the animal's neck. But be prepared to pay about $70-$80 for a very small bottle, perhaps just about 3-5mg. But cautious is not to let the animal lick it. Well it works for about 6 months. Anyway, I've found out an alternative method, to save cost. Wet their neck furs with concentrated freshly squeezed lime (fresh juice) and with a pinch of salt. Do it twice a week. Make sure the liquid really wet its skin. Well, you cant terminate all of them as lices, mites breeding fast perhaps thousands within days. The application works just to control or reducing the breeding. At least it saves cost. So, good luck.
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